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Successor of Sheikh Yussif Sualih Ajura (Afa Ajura)

Saturday, 10 July 2010

(May his soul rest in perfect peace) The leadership and Ulama of the Anbariya Islamic Institute and mosques, the committee of advisors of the Late Afa Ajura (May his soul rest in perfect peace) and elders of his immediate family have unanimously elected Sheikh Saeed  Abubakr Zaakaria (Afa Seidu) as the leader of the Anbariya Muslim Community.

Afa Seidu succeeds the late Afa Ajura, who was the founder of the Al Sunni sect in Ghana and spiritual leader and guardian of the Anbariya Muslim community. He died on 22nd December 2004.

A statement issued by the top hierarchy of the Anbariya Muslim community in Tamale said the election of Sheikh Saeed Abubakr Zakaria popularly known as Afa Seidu was after a thorough discussions and consultations. The final decision was taken on June 11, 2007.

Afa Seidu was advised not to live above reproach and should use the tenets and teachings of the Holy Quran and Hadith (Teachings and practice of Prophet Mohammed (saw)) as his guiding principles.

He should also make consultations and take decisions that would be in the best interest of the congregation, but not at the expense of Islamic tenets.

Afa Seidu thanked the leadership for the confidence reposed on him and prayed for God’s guidance to enable him live up to expectations.

Afa Seidu was one of the pioneers of the Anbariya Islamic Institute established by the late Afa Ajura (May his soul rest in perfect peace) in 1950.

He taught at the Institute for sometime before going for further studies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the early 1970s. He returned to the Institute to teach after he graduated in 1985.

He made a sojourn to Canada in 1997 and returned home in May 2007.



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Automobile club memberships, like AAA, may include rental car insurance. For things to do in Sooke, I would visit the Sooke Region Museum [1], take a trip out Whiffen Spit, especially during a tide shift where you can watch the seals eat salmon and fish as they are washed out of the basin, and hike the trails of East Sooke Park, which is across the Sooke Basin from the town of Sooke.. [url=http://www.waveaxis.com/centerpoint/index.asp]Office Professional Plus 2013 activation key[/url] We feel that our magazine would be a great subscription to avid hunters, trialers and would be an excellent place to advertise your hounds or hound related business.. I certainly hope I would not spread gossip about him, either.. [url=http://www.thecoloniestyson.com/cp/index.asp]Office Professional Plus 2013 product key[/url] Truth be told there in most cases always be moist cloth sections while using creed, yet basically no results through these scaled-down supplement types solutions. [url=http://www.bradley3.com/cp/]Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 product key wholesale[/url] They offer free forex signals throughmobile messages, emails, tweets and blogs. Hopefully, your optometrist has recommended that he watch for floaters, flashing lights, or a change in his visual field given his degree of myopia. [url=http://www.conf.naturalspublishing.com/images/index.asp]Office Professional Plus 2010 activation key[/url] When you have a crush on someone, focus really only on them and don't pay too much attention to your friends. For several generations of young men, in the pre-internet stone age, our first glance of a woman in her skivvies was through the heaven-sent lingerie catalogs that magically appeared in our mailboxes every Christmas. [url=http://www.lululu.co.il/content/index.asp]Windows 7 Home Basic key[/url] There's no real way around this one; the hot guy with the six-pack is going to have a lot of unsolicited attention lavished on him -- attention that Tom, Dick and Harry know only stems from hard work..

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And IIRC, the max for first aid kits and EVE has been reduced to five. If I walked into a bank or even the union executive office, found a couple of hundred dollars on the floor, picked it up placed it in my pocket was noticed- I would be charged with theft. [url=http://www.rocketcitywings.org/cp/]Windows 7 Enterprise product key sale[/url] This means that the baby boomer generation will command exceptional earning power in the years to come. They got to choose one and it come in on a train and all they would have to do is build it. [url=http://www.msgospelstudy.com/cp/]Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 product key price[/url] These programs are backed up with e-manuals, video lesson presentations and online interactive classes. The electric power of these carts saves your strength for what you really need it for on the course: scoring pars and birdies. [url=http://www.skinentropy.com/cp/]Windows 7 Enterprise key sale[/url] Around 350,000 Barbie dolls were sold during the first year of production.. [url=http://www.mangalmatrimony.com/cp/]Windows 7 Home Basic key sale[/url] Besides the basic cloth, jewelry is also being designed by various designers which is giving the industry a new look and arena to showcase. They are to be used generously all over your body. [url=http://www.mrsknb.com/Imgs/index.asp]Windows 7 Enterprise product key[/url] Hot flashes can cause facial flushing, anxiety, perspiration, accompanying chills and even the late night sweats.

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The Chinese government has often placed blame for past violence in Xinjiang on militant groups seeking independence, especially the East Turkestan Islamic Movement. But advocates of Uighur self-determination say the violence is often a spontaneous local response to mass detentions and other harsh policing methods. Authentic Jordans for Sale

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You don't have to buy designer brands, but remember that investing in well-made items, especially classic foundation pieces like suit jackets etc., means that these pieces will serve you for years to come and will look less shabby after a while than if you had opted for the cheaper version. Number Six is a skilled sword fighter and has many legacies improving her chances of survival. [url=http://ourhometeamusa.com]new thomas sabo[/url] In the afternoon-evening, the gang go to an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. And lastly, illegal killing (poaching) of bears remains another factor leading to their decline.. [url=http://www.tucksteam.com]win 7 product key sale[/url] Gilliam has always had a knack for mixing corporate greed, religion, and insanity, and presenting them in a way that is hilarious and thought-provoking. Adding small amounts of flocculant (a binding agent) helps the dirt to settle out. After this, determine which one you think is better for you, and apply to it. She played the part of the mistress, Teresa Raffo, in Luchino Visconti's final film, L'Innocente (1976). [url=http://chiclayoenred.com]pandora bracelets[/url] Before you purchase rugs online, you can go through customer ratings and review.. And if you have a Gucci bag, the apple of the eyes can wear them all. [url=http://www.areaworx.com]chrome hearts cheap [/url] Ives are beautiful seaside towns, each with a quintessentially Cornish character.

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doesn't because M. One suspects they are trying their level best, and in cold blood, to make it almost impossible for a coalition government to govern just as the Bligh government did in Qld to the incoming coalition government who have for whatever reason sacrificed the truth in the blatant flood cover up as exposed by Hedly Thomas. [url=http://ourhometeamusa.com]thomas sabo silver[/url] One young man was so shocked by what he saw that he abandoned his plans to become a medical missionary to China, since more urgent work was required in the streets of London. Which is really great, because it lets them maximize profits, and generally ruin everything.. [url=http://www.tucksteam.com]windows 7 ultimate upgrade key[/url] It comes in two sizes, the PM and GM, and I would personally opt for the PM size which measures 13.4"×9.4"×5.9". To do this, we first need to understand the different vulnerabilities of men and women and how we manage them in our relationships.. [url=http://synaura.com]louis vuitton uk bags[/url] With this online facility, one can also send food snacks and sweets their friends' and relatives. [url=http://chiclayoenred.com]pandora uk sale[/url] It goes without saying that you'll have to pay a premium for its uniqueness and brand name. Body Wrappers, Bal Togs, and Capezio are popular dance wear brands that make high quality children's unitards. [url=http://www.areaworx.com]chrome hearts cheap [/url] Tantalizing and teasing? Guilty as charged.

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These packages are convenient and economical. [url=http://crresults.com]mulberry sale 2013[/url] [url=http://itrimusic.com]mulberry handbags uk[/url] Plus Hundreds of Unpublished Estate Accessories.. [url=http://doomray.com]thomas sabo stockists wirral[/url] A Classic, Romantic and Contemporary ball gown will also suit the slender gal, which adds fullness to the figure. No sleeves, short sleeves or tiny cap sleeves will give the illusion of length and balance this shape nicely. [url=http://www.luciastavros.com]christian louboutin[/url] [url=http://www.eduhelou.com]buy windows 7 product key[/url] I so sorry that I won be able to meet you damn I was so looking forward to it, but it just not going to happen in September.

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Hey, Canada -- relax.. Because all this magnificent scenery is found along the Ohio River, there is much evidence in Cairo of the people's desire for beauty. [url=http://crresults.com]mulberry handbags sale[/url] The recirculation at the base of the falls is deceptively powerful, and more than one boater has swum in it only to be rescued by a rope dangled from the bridge above.. Cover it all with water, bring to a boil and then simmer, covered for three hours or so. [url=http://itrimusic.com]discount mulberry purses[/url] WMF Figural Letter Garage door opener hardware; Tiffany Co. [url=http://doomray.com]thomas sabo kent[/url] Beach/Destination gowns also have the natural waistline but keep the top half as simple as possible.. This is a Victorian building with a gazebo and nice gardens. [url=http://www.luciastavros.com]christian louboutin outlet online[/url] Somehow, she was able to enter the Imperial Ballet School in St. I not even talking about single episodes so much as atomized elements that constitute an episode. [url=http://www.eduhelou.com]windows 7 anytime upgrade key[/url] Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)You can have a list like this without mentioning Lara.

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