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Written by abdul-manan ibrahim mohammed(yello) at Tuesday 27 October 2009, 09:37   Location 
Asalam Aliekum
may Allah make us an ummah which is rich in good deeds.Insha`Allah .
Written by Iddriss Musah Iddriss at Wednesday 30 September 2009, 09:30  
I want to say thanks to mr. Adam Iddriss for his suggestion,
I also would like to implore the leadership to take it serious what he said. It will help a lot in the development of the community.
Written by Adam Iddrisu at Tuesday 29 September 2009, 11:07   Location 
First of all, I wish to congratulate the entire leadership of the Anbariya Sunni Community for their foresight. I wish to also commend all those who have worked behind the scenes to develop this noble website.
I would rather encourage them to add another item on the website informing us on how to contribute to the development of the Community, financially or otherwise. I humbly wish to suggest to the leadership to consider banks where one would not spend their ‘entire day’ queuing just to pay money into the Community’s accounts.
By no means, the website has further emphasize the true meaning of ‘Anbariya’ since anybody in any part of the world can have a feel of what is happening in the Islamic scene in Tamale. Certainly, this is an excellent beginning and it is my belief that this mobile-phone friendly and user friendly website shall add to the many successes that the Community have achieved over the years.
May Allah bless you all.
Written by Iddriss Musah Iddriss at Sunday 27 September 2009, 05:46   Location 
I want to suggest to the leadership and to the community as a whole to seek for contruction of zebra cross at the ANBARIYA MAIN JUNCTION either MEET ME THERE or AYI BANKU and the GUMBIHINI LINK. to enable the little children of anbariya pass safely into and out of the school. Alos on fridays, it is not easy for he aged peole to cross the road into the mosque of ambariaya for prayers due to the frequent movement of vehicles and the speed they use. This I believe would have been very good for the welfare of our community.
Written by Hamdu at Monday 7 September 2009, 17:44   Location 
I am so glad to see this website, infact Allah will continiou to bless those who put up the website and Abariya community as a whole.
Written by Shani Mohammed at Monday 24 August 2009, 04:21   Location 
Al Hamdu lillah. I want to express my deepest gratitude to the Anbariya community for putting up this great web site. Although some of us are far from home, this site has brought us closer to home, and may Allah bless the organizers for using technology to promote islam. I wish all muslims Ramadan Mobarak
Written by Abdul-Basit Abdul-Wahab at Tuesday 18 August 2009, 04:04   Location 
In fact, I could not believe waht I saw. I mean a community in Tamale with such an organised profile and on the other breath no wonder. I want to encourage all those behind this to gather more strengh if even when there isn't any more. I love it and will spread it.
However, I would like Anbariya Sunni Community to do us a favour by coming out my be month or week to tell these prayer times through may be radio, pasters at vantage points and various mosques. Most people are green including some ulama'as in Anbariya, about these times.
May Allaah bless all of us. Long live Anbariya Sunni Community, Long live Muslims in general.
Written by Abdul -manan ibrahim mohammed at Sunday 16 August 2009, 14:10   Location 
Assalamu Aliekum,
I am very happy to see this our great Ambariya website, i pray Allah for you those who are doing that great deal for the umah may Allah bleess , and grant us the strength to observe on caming fast as many days as it stated and it good rewards.
Written by SeiduAdam at Tuesday 12 May 2009, 05:46   Location 
I am delighted that, at last a major development has been outdoored. It is no doubt an unlimited avenue to study and elevate ourselves in Islam.
Would some one also unveil a project to make us own this developmet and not to expect dole outs in sustaining it.
Written by Abdul-Hamid at Friday 8 May 2009, 15:34   Location 
Tipagri Naawuni for this great development. May God make this website a unifying forum for all Muslims in Tamale, Ghana, and all over the world. May the soul of Sheikh Afa Ajura (the Founder of Anbariya institute) rest in perfect peace) Amen.
Written by Adam Andani Mohammed at Friday 10 April 2009, 08:36   Location 
Assalamu Alaikum
I am very happy that Anbariya has a web page where the Ummah both in and outside home can get information about the development of Islam back home. I will however appeal that much of your Tafsir be put on the page so that we can have access to it. Thus both vidio and audio. May God bless Anbariya and the Ummah.
Written by Husain Umar Abdullah at Tuesday 30 December 2008, 11:15   Location 
I am very happy to see this our great Anbasriya website. I want to express to you my great pleasure and gladness when I get to know that Anbariya has now have web mail. I also want to use the oppotunity to thank abd pray Allah for you those who are doing that great deal for the Umah, may Gad bless you all and let Anmbariya abd it every thing remain till the end of the wolrd armeen.
Written by Osman Adam at Monday 10 November 2008, 12:41   Location 
Well done Anbariya community and the Muslim Brothers and Sisters who are behind this great website. By this you've taken Anbariya beyond the shores of Ghana, Afa Anjura will be blessed to know this. May Allah guide you to guide us all.
Written by Abdulai Iddrisu at Monday 10 November 2008, 10:04   Location 
This is the first website of an Islamic Institution in northern [Ghana]. Of course, Anbariyya was and is always a pacesetter in Ghana.
The idea, and realization of the project, holds great hope for greater things to come, not only for Anbariyya and its community but for all those who aspire to the ‘common good’ preached by Alhaji Yusuf Soalihu Afa Ajura.
Written by Fuzy, officepoint at Monday 10 November 2008, 08:04   Location 
assalaamu-alaykum-wa rahmatullahi-wabarkatuhu

Keep up the good work

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