Self-styled President to vacate Tamale Technical University College

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Self-styled President to vacate Tamale Technical University College

The executive members of the Anbariya Islamic Institute have given a fourteen days ultimatum to Dr. Abubakari Al-Hassan of the Technical University College in Tamale to hand over the management of the University College to the Anbariya Islamic Institute.  In a statement jointly signed by the Director of Anbariya Islamic Institute, Sheikh Saeed Abubakari Zakaria, and two other members, Afa Issah Alhassan and Sheikh Tanko Abubakari Issahak, said the procurement of the Technical University College was financially assisted by the Islamic development Bank of Saudi Arabia.

Mebu Architects and planners were hired as consultants during the process of procurement of funds from the Islamic Development Bank as well as the construction of the institute and were duely paid for its services. The statement added that, Dr. Abubakari Al-hassan as the Chief Consultant of Mebu architects and planners officially handed over the institute after executing the project at a ceremony on the 18th December 2003 to Anbariya Islamic Institute. The executives describe as “shocking” that, Dr. Abubakari presented himself to the registrar of companies and the National accreditation Board as the owner of the Technical University College of Tamale. He cunningly and without the consent of Anbariya Islamic Institute  changed the institute’s vocational center for boys and girls into the above named University and registered it at the registry of companies as Anbariya Technical University College.

Not wishing to have the name “Anbariya” associated with the University, you changed the name of the University from Anbariya University College to Technical University College of Tamale”, the statement said, adding that, Dr. Abubakari who styled himself as the acting president of the University college, without the consent of Anbariya Islamic Institute, and other stakeholders, has purported to appoint  a council, board of governors, principal and other personnel for the management of the college. The statement alleged that, Dr. Abubakari has presented to the Islamic Development Bank that, Anbariya Islamic institute, the Technical University College and Dungu Technical Institute have agreed and merged, where he Dr. Abubakari have been appointed to head the merged institutions.

These the statement said resulted in a bitter litigation between Technical University College and Ghana Association for Advancement of Muslim Youth Education (owners of Dungu Technical Institute). The statement which was copied to the Vice Chancellor, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), the Minister of Education, the Northern Regional Minister, the Managing Director, Islamic Development Bank in Saudi Arabia, Mr. Ibrahim Mahama as well as the Principal and Executive Members of the Technical University College of Tamale.

The statement assured “stakeholders that, Anbariya Islamic Institute, who are the actual owners of Technical University College of Tamale, have the human resource capacity to run the University College. It revealed that the Anbariya Sunni Community currently has four Nurseries Schools with an enrollment of 1009 pupils, 25 Primary Schools with an enrollment of 8861 pupils, two Junior High Schools with an enrollment of 636 pupils, and have this year established a Senior High School with an enrollment of 80 pupils. “These schools are and nurseries are manned by 166 trained English teachers and 269 Arabic instructors, it added.

Endorsed by Executive Committee (Anbariya Sunni Community)


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