Anbariya Sunni Community’s reaction to two Press statements Issued by Imam Rashid and Dr Al-Hussain Zakaria on behalf of the Tijania Community in Tamale

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Assalaamu Alaikum
The attention of the Anbariya Sunni Community has been drawn to an undated press statement purported to have been issued by “Imam Rashid” and another dated August 25, 2012 and signed by Dr. Al-Hussain Zakaria, General Secretary of the Tijania Community in Tamale aimed at distorting the facts of the shooting incident at the Anbariya Mosque on the evening of August 20, 2012.
The Anbariya Sunni Community is a law abiding institution and will not be part of any hidden agenda to distablise the peace of the Northern Region, or of Ghana at large.
The Anbariya Sunni Community is a non partisan religious body that has had good working relationships with all political leaders irrespective of the political party in power. We have since our inception in 1951 collaborated with traditional authorities, the Regional Coordinating Council, and national leadership.

Self-styled President to vacate Tamale Technical University College

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Self-styled President to vacate Tamale Technical University College

The executive members of the Anbariya Islamic Institute have given a fourteen days ultimatum to Dr. Abubakari Al-Hassan of the Technical University College in Tamale to hand over the management of the University College to the Anbariya Islamic Institute.  In a statement jointly signed by the Director of Anbariya Islamic Institute, Sheikh Saeed Abubakari Zakaria, and two other members, Afa Issah Alhassan and Sheikh Tanko Abubakari Issahak, said the procurement of the Technical University College was financially assisted by the Islamic development Bank of Saudi Arabia.



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Three anonymous philanthropists have donated 20 metal chairs and two computers to the Anbariya Senior High School in Tamale.
The donation was done through Mr. Salis Ibrahim, a lecture at the University for Development Studies

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